Hello, my dear friend!

I am so glad to see you on our cattery-site "Goldmine"! 

My site is dedicated to the breeding of scottish fold-cats . We are breeding - scottish fold, scottish straight, highland fold & highland straight сats.

The main colours of our cats are:

-  yellow eyed ticked cats  and theirs be-color variety;

- green eyed silver & golden shaded cats, silver & golden ticked cats and theirs be-color variety;

- blue eyed silver & goden shaded colour-point cats. 

You can find our males and females on these pages: male and female. There are all show-results and show-photos on the page of each cat.

If you are looking for a cute exclusive kitten for breeding or just as a pet, have a look at our Kitten`s page.

The Cattery Goldmine has been registered in RUI sistem and situated in Ukraine, Kyiv.

We can help you to delivery the kitten to you!

Best regards, Mari!